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Entrepreneur, mentor, investor, day trader,
neuroscience and personal development.

Before I became a full time trader,
I was a professional affiliate marketer
generating 5 figures a week. I worked
with many different networks and won

I have a passion for the markets and I've
spent 10s of thousands investing in myself
for the specialised skillset in speculation.

Truly grateful for the opportunity to build
a community of like minded ' STARS ' and
help others add increase in life and to
advance you towards the results you have
and desire for yourself + loved ones.

It would be an honour, to be part of your
life and world. Love, forever and always,

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I am truly grateful for the opportunity to best serve others and to do the best I possibly can,
adding increase in your life & helping advance you, towards your commendable goals. ♡

   is trading the markets a reality?

When you truly believe in moving forward in the direction of your desire, of what you want to become, the price of investing in yourself and in your education becomes irrelevant.

Going towards your aim in life with faith, requires doing whatever it takes and paying any price, doing the labour and with repetition, your dreams will and must be realised.

2 people both want to trade full time, both have the same work ethic, the same opportunity, the successful person who now trades full time, didn't come about because of luck, it was by inspiration.

One is motivated by making money or becoming rich and the other, by belief.

If you can excite your human spirit, to make clear as to why you want to achieve your success as a trader, rather than wanting money, which is only a by product of doing it well, then you will most likely quit before making it a reality.

   are you the best educator?

I'm not better than anyone in all cases. The work I am doing now is better than the word I have been doing six months ago and the work I will continue to do for the next six months from now, will be better than the work I am doing today.

I wake up every day with a sense of why I come to work and I became an educator to inspire people to do the things that inspire them.

If you believe what I believe and you believe the things I do can help you, then that would make me the best educator for you.

If you do not believe what I believe and you do not believe the things I have will help you, then I am not the best educator for you.

Star Prosper exists to find other like minded individuals who believe what I believe and have the will to work together, so that we can all succeed in life together. To stand side by side in pursuit of the same goal and worthy ideal.

if you want your life to be meaningful, then what you do matters and Star Prosper and YOU, matter to me

 The more I take on, the more of a reason I have to wake up in the morning. I'm getting up, moving forward, it doesn't matter what I'm suffering from, I've got things that need to be done, they're necessary and that gives me a sense of purpose, to best serve you. 
Welcome to Star Prosper. I'm Phil C from Brisbane City. Before I became a full time trader, I was a professional affiliate marketer generating 5 figures a week. I worked with many different networks and won many competitions. After years upon years of hard work to become successful, one day I woke up to an e-mail from adwords, changing their policies, which took out many people overnight, including myself. All that hardwork, gone in a flash and I felt like a complete failure.

I never wanted to give up, so one day I can help others avoid the pain of having to start all over again from nothing. If I happen to help just one person, turn their trading and their life around, then it was all worth it. Therefore I'm living up to the idea of "How can I impact others world and help make it better, because I was here."
I've always had a passion for the markets and I was really lucky to find the correct people early in my journey and I've spent 10s of thousands investing in myself, getting trained the right way and put in hours upon hours of work. I was able to pick it up fairly quickly, it's not because I'm special, but there's a certain technique used to learning anything very quickly and bringing forward my previous success qualities to trading.

Combined with another passion and now I'm able to expand and be involved with helping others achieve what they want to achieve, in life and in trading. To fulfil and live my purpose everyday, which involves service to many and service to many, leads to greatness. Let's all be great together and live the life we desire and deserve to live in.

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