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Why Personal Development is Key
MAY. 18th 2020
Alright Stars, below is the video to watch from my YouTube channel as to why I think, personal development is key when it comes to forex trading.

About Author: Phil C.

From the heart of Australia - QLD - Brisbane City. Updating Star Traders on the latest news and going on's around the world. Keeping it positive and sharing the awareness that may be important to readers. Don't let fear control you, let it build you and move forward to the future that you envision for yourself to live in, a life worth living and one that you deserve to live in.
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Welcome to Star Prosper. I'm Phil C from Brisbane City. Before I became a full time trader, I was a professional affiliate marketer generating 5 figures a week. I worked with networks and won competitions. Then one day I woke up to an e-mail and this was known as the google slap. This took out many people literally overnight.

I needed to find something else and I always had a hidden passion for the markets. Really lucky to find the correct people early in my journey and I've spent 10s of thousands investing in myself, getting trained the right way and put in hours upon hours of work. I was able to pick it up fairly quickly, it's not because I'm special, but there's a certain technique used to learning anything very quickly and bringing forward my previous success qualities to trading.

Add another passion and now I'm able to expand and be involved with helping others achieve what they want to achieve, in life and in trading. To fulfill my purpose of becoming a leader, which means service to many and service to many, leads to greatness.

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