The most trusted Forex Trading education, delivered to you in High Definition Premium Videos, that allow Traders to follow alongside with a hands on experience.

If you've ever wanted to sit down with Phil C and be taught with a one on one experience, then becoming a 'Star Trader' is what you're looking for.


Get a sneak peak with a BONUS 'Patterns Intro' video and learn the popular Trend Continuation Strategy to profit from trending moves in the live markets and more...
What Forex is, what's a pip and why does it matter, what is leverage and how does it work? What is risk management and money management, is it the same thing and how do we use it to profit.
Learn how to read the language of the markets and once you learn this, you'll never look at charts the same again! Understanding the flow of the markets is crucial to picking entries and exits.
Learn how to combine structure into price action and predict where price action is most likely to go to next. What is Fibonacci, what ratio levels to look for and use in your own Trading.
Our advanced pattern techniques that Phil C uses in his trading!
If you ever wanted to learn how to trade patterns using the ratios that you see Phil C use in the 'Star Daily' (New video inside the members area every day.)

Then the Ratio Designer Course is for you.

Take away all the confusion with identifying which impulse and anchor legs to use and how to draw the fibonacci retracements and extensions the right way, to capitalize on historical human behavior, in the present moment.
Trade in the confusion you currently have, for clarity that you seek, because finding is researched for those who seek and this is for you.
Receive High Definition premium videos that walk you through the exact steps that you need to take, to finally see the success you deserve.
Learn the Ratio Designer patterns approach today and profit like the Star Trader you were meant to be. Looking forward to working with you soon.
This is a one stop shop that will take you from start to finish, for building your trading like a business. Run trading as a business and get rewarded as a business. 

In this course, you'll set up your foundation for wealth acceleration and learn how to manage your own capital, so you don't have to work long hours and we'll make your money start working for you.

The skill set you'll learn in this course will be invaluable as you'll know this for life. The security of having such a skill set means that you will achieve total freedom and the formula others are looking for, to grow your capital month after month, year after year.

This is everything I wanted, now available to everyone. A true designed by traders, for traders approach.

Star University has all the High Definition, premium quality videos, that take a look over Phil C's shoulder and show you how to finally make you, into the Forex Trader you deserve to become.

The Star University course also includes a full membership and the spreadsheets that I use personally, that allow Phil C to be a full time, professional forex trader, now yours.
Welcome to Star Prosper. I'm Phil C from Brisbane City. Before I became a full time trader, I was a professional affiliate marketer generating 5 figures a week. I worked with many different networks and won many competitions. After years upon years of hard work to become successful, one day I woke up to an e-mail from adwords, changing their policies, which took out many people overnight, including myself. All that hardwork, gone in a flash and I felt like a complete failure.

I never wanted to give up, so one day I can help others avoid the pain of having to start all over again from nothing. If I happen to help just one person, turn their trading and their life around, then it was all worth it. Therefore I'm living up to the idea of "How can I impact others world and help make it better, because I was here."
I've always had a passion for the markets and I was really lucky to find the correct people early in my journey and I've spent 10s of thousands investing in myself, getting trained the right way and put in hours upon hours of work. I was able to pick it up fairly quickly, it's not because I'm special, but there's a certain technique used to learning anything very quickly and bringing forward my previous success qualities to trading.

Combined with another passion and now I'm able to expand and be involved with helping others achieve what they want to achieve, in life and in trading. To fulfil and live my purpose everyday, which involves service to many and service to many, leads to greatness. Let's all be great together and live the life we desire and deserve to live in.

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